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Digital Institute Embraces the Social Media Sphere

Digital marketing is a rapidly evolving method for businesses to reach out to their potential customers and has proven to be more cost-efficient than other more traditional methods. It is, in my opinion, now the most efficient way to go about trying to reach new audiences and demographics. Over the past few years this form of marketing has transformed into an online media-dominated market. This change has helped to sustain the rapid growth of online marketing, and the strategies and tactics associated with it.

Online marketing has created the need for companies to emerge who can “teach financial advisors how to utilize key digital concepts and ideas in their daily practice,” as the attached article states. ShoeFitts Marketing Agency is one of those companies, and they are revolutionizing the way people can learn social media strategies and ideas, on top of how to go about executing them on one’s own. The CEO will be doing a live broadcast monthly covering a range of topics. For example, the January 21st, 2016 broadcast will cover the latest trends, business opportunities, and more. Sheri Fitts, the CEO of the company, said she believed today’s businesses needed to embrace the growing digital marketing, and begin to understand how to use the power of social media and similar mediums to reach potential clients.

I believe this new live broadcasting will be revolutionary for financial services professionals and businesses alike. This will also give marketing and advertising agencies an easy way to educate their employee’s in today’s hottest trends and strategies when relating to the social media dimension, so to speak. Sheri Fitts will not only profit from this, but also inspire others in her field to expand the way they are reaching out to their own target audiences. A live broadcast is pushing the limits of where ShoeFitts and similar companies have gone before, and this seems to be just the start. As the digital marketplace has showed before, it changes on a seemingly daily basis. Fitts and other innovators will surely be trying to improve this live broadcasting method.

All quotes were taken from article.


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