Content Marketing

5 Upcoming Technologies That Will Change The World of Content Marketing

Content marketers know all too well how quickly the industry can change, and they are being reminded of that fact once again. As the article states, “the rate of change in the content marketing world is as fast as it’s ever been,” and it seems there is no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Knowing that the market will change at some time, whether it is a new strategy or game-changing technology, allows for experts to predict what the next thing coming will be.

The experts predicted that Virtual and Augmented Reality will be the next great thing in the content marketing world. This encompasses things like videos that will further connect the audience with the businesses. I agree that virtual reality will make a huge splash in the content marketing realm. Also on the list was instant articles and social purchasing, coming in at second and third respectively. Instant articles are stories that can be pulled right up without having to leave the site that the user is on, in other words there is no third party involved. Social purchasing is another concept that isn’t exactly new, but more or less untested. These are both simple concepts that I have come to appreciate as a consumer. Live streaming improvements and self-updating algorithms brought up the last two predicted game-changers coming in 2016.

In my opinion, the five listed innovations were not so “predicted” as the article leads the reader to believe. I, as a consumer, have personally seen all five of the methods named in the past couple months. However, I think that the first three technologies will certainly make an impact in the content marketing world. Virtual reality and social purchasing are making the process so much easier for the consumers that it is hard to imagine these technologies won’t make some sort of impact. If anything they will lead to tomorrow’s innovations and technologies. Although these are all relatively new concepts, one can be assured that more changes are on the horizon that will change the content marketing world even more.


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