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Digital Display Ads To Surpass Search Ad Spending in 2016

It has been something that experts have seen coming for years and years; 2016 will mark the time that digital display advertisement spending will surpass search ad spending. This comes from estimates made by the website eMarketer. This site predicted spending will reach “32.17 billion this year in the categories of video, sponsorship’s, rich media and banners.” It was also mentioned that this spike in spending will especially be tied to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

It was noted in the article that Facebook claimed just under thirty percent of the display ads from 2015, which doubled Google’s stats. This suggests that companies are more interested in their ads being on social media sites than search engines, which is a relatively recent phenomena. I think this will obviously continue in the future as social media sites grow and grow. I also believe that this is clearly a better and more efficient way to reach consumers in companies target audiences. Especially if the companies are trying to reach high school, college, and even post-college individuals, social media seems to be the way to go.

Some consumers may have already noticed this rising trend of digital display advertising in places such as YouTube and Facebook. I have personally noticed this trend, especially when watching YouTube videos. This will effect the price to advertise as the demand for such ads will continue to grow with spending. That means companies will look for ways to be more innovative with the limited time they have on ads such as videos or online commercials. I think consumers will start to notice that ads will become more eye-catching and attention grabbing. I have seen companies such as Geico start to use strategies that are less talkative and more theatrical, by this i mean that these ads seem to use the idea of “actions speak louder than words.”

Digital Display Ads To Surpass Search Ad Spending in 2016


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