Social Media Marketing


The Psychology of Social Media Marketing in 2016

It could be argued that social media sites are the most rapidly changing part of the internet with new apps and websites opening annually, and popularity bouncing back and forth between existing platforms. Also, new functions and abilities are always being introduced to these sites and apps that directly effect social media marketers in some situations. Social media sites are trending towards being the best way to market to the target audience, depending on what area of business the company is in of course. I personally believe that social media has become the most effective way to market, especially in the retail industry, but the statistics haven’t reflected this just yet.

In the Huffpost Business article, the writer Kate Cook suggests that each social media platform has its own unique audience, and each audience uses that site or app for a particular reason. For example, the article says that Facebook users are “constantly scanning and scrolling through news feeds that are filled with content from pages, groups, and of course ads.” Later in the article Cook suggests that the typical Facebook user is looking to “be in the now,” as the author states. These users want to be connected with their friends and know relevant information that keeps them in the circle, therefore they are frequently checking their news feed for the newest information. This is important for companies to understand when marketing on sites such as Facebook because the way advertisements are presented and displayed can make the difference between being noticed or not.

In essence, the author wanted to convey the message that each platform has its specific group of users that are looking for specific things. A company that understands this is able to take advantage of particular sites or platforms that will give them a better chance of reaching their goal. With so many different options, its crucial that a company picks the right platforms to avoid wasted advertisements. In my opinion, Facebook and Instagram are the most ideal platforms to market through because of the type of users that can be reached. Both are largely used among the young population, and Facebook especially is growing more and more within the older communities. Both sites have users that are looking to be up to date with the latest and greatest things that their friends are sharing, which can be enticing for a company that can break into these “friend groups.” With that being said, i do agree with Cook when she says that each company needs to evaluate their particular situation and customer base and decide where these people are located, as far as social media goes.


Search Engine Optimization


SEO and its Growing Importance


Search engine optimization is defined on Google as “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” For example, a surf shop wants to appear as a top result whenever an internet browser is searching for a surfboard or wet-suit. This helps to attract potential customers in the direction of a companies website, and away from a competitor. This ranking system is important to businesses because it exposes potential customers to the company’s products and services. There are tons of search engines that a company could choose to market through, but Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft sites dominate a large majority of this market.


A new type of business emerged with the growing importance of SEO, and it centers around experts who specialize in optimizing the use of search engines. These companies work with businesses that are both big, and small, to make sure that they are getting the exposure they pay for. I personally believe that this is a great option for businesses, especially smaller start-ups that need the exposure to get the wheels turning, so to speak.  As you will see in the video, there is more to SEO than just improving rankings, and these specialized companies work towards other goals as well.

SEO National Commercial

“We focus on more than just rankings, we look to increase brand awareness and existing revenue stream, and improving keyword positioning is just icing on the cake.” SEO National, for example, focuses on increasing traffic, getting more converting customers, and increasing sales. Having an efficient SEO plan, or using a specialized company to do it for you, has become more and more important in the business world because of the possible benefits a company can reap from it. I believe that, outside of landing page optimization and having an effective website, SEO is the most crucial part of managing an internet site of a business.


It is a common misconception that SEO is primarily paid advertising. Although that is a portion of it, SEO goes much more in-depth into the process of maximizing the number of visitors.

Critical SEO Stats and Trends (2015)

Landing Page Optimization

The Importance of Landing Page Optimization

“Landing page optimization is the process of improving a page to increase the percentage of visitors who actually purchase a product or provide their contact information for future sales.” This is according to a blog from an individual at Temple University who later went on to mention that in a more basic form, landing page optimization is simply making your page more effective in achieving your goals. In my opinion this is the best definition because it applies to a much larger group of sites. Since not all sites are out to sell an item, the best landing page isn’t always one that makes a viewer buy something.

There are several things that go into optimizing a landing page, and it varies based on what each website aims to do. With that being said, there are still a small group of basic techniques that all landing pages should employ in order to be as successful. First and foremost, a page must look appealing and flow from topic to topic. The landing page should also have a smart SEO plan in place which allows the page to gain as much exposure as possible. Lastly, the page needs to have quality content that will keep the reader entertained and interested.

As I said before I believe each website will have its own set of techniques and strategies that help landing page optimization. For example, I came across a non-profit site when doing research for one of my classes and I noticed that each landing page had very few words on it. However, this site had about ten pictures on every page that I visited, and since the site was raising awareness for a certain type of cancer, most of the pictures were tear-jerking images of kids who were in bad shape. One would think that a lack of words could be damaging for a company that is looking to raise money and awareness for a disease that is not very common, but this site was extremely effective because of its emotional appeal that it achieved through the photos. This strategy would not work for many websites, but because of the goals of that particular group, it was a very effective method.