Landing Page Optimization

The Importance of Landing Page Optimization

“Landing page optimization is the process of improving a page to increase the percentage of visitors who actually purchase a product or provide their contact information for future sales.” This is according to a blog from an individual at Temple University who later went on to mention that in a more basic form, landing page optimization is simply making your page more effective in achieving your goals. In my opinion this is the best definition because it applies to a much larger group of sites. Since not all sites are out to sell an item, the best landing page isn’t always one that makes a viewer buy something.

There are several things that go into optimizing a landing page, and it varies based on what each website aims to do. With that being said, there are still a small group of basic techniques that all landing pages should employ in order to be as successful. First and foremost, a page must look appealing and flow from topic to topic. The landing page should also have a smart SEO plan in place which allows the page to gain as much exposure as possible. Lastly, the page needs to have quality content that will keep the reader entertained and interested.

As I said before I believe each website will have its own set of techniques and strategies that help landing page optimization. For example, I came across a non-profit site when doing research for one of my classes and I noticed that each landing page had very few words on it. However, this site had about ten pictures on every page that I visited, and since the site was raising awareness for a certain type of cancer, most of the pictures were tear-jerking images of kids who were in bad shape. One would think that a lack of words could be damaging for a company that is looking to raise money and awareness for a disease that is not very common, but this site was extremely effective because of its emotional appeal that it achieved through the photos. This strategy would not work for many websites, but because of the goals of that particular group, it was a very effective method.


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