Search Engine Optimization


SEO and its Growing Importance


Search engine optimization is defined on Google as “the process of maximizing the number of visitors to a particular website by ensuring that the site appears high on the list of results returned by a search engine.” For example, a surf shop wants to appear as a top result whenever an internet browser is searching for a surfboard or wet-suit. This helps to attract potential customers in the direction of a companies website, and away from a competitor. This ranking system is important to businesses because it exposes potential customers to the company’s products and services. There are tons of search engines that a company could choose to market through, but Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft sites dominate a large majority of this market.


A new type of business emerged with the growing importance of SEO, and it centers around experts who specialize in optimizing the use of search engines. These companies work with businesses that are both big, and small, to make sure that they are getting the exposure they pay for. I personally believe that this is a great option for businesses, especially smaller start-ups that need the exposure to get the wheels turning, so to speak.  As you will see in the video, there is more to SEO than just improving rankings, and these specialized companies work towards other goals as well.

SEO National Commercial

“We focus on more than just rankings, we look to increase brand awareness and existing revenue stream, and improving keyword positioning is just icing on the cake.” SEO National, for example, focuses on increasing traffic, getting more converting customers, and increasing sales. Having an efficient SEO plan, or using a specialized company to do it for you, has become more and more important in the business world because of the possible benefits a company can reap from it. I believe that, outside of landing page optimization and having an effective website, SEO is the most crucial part of managing an internet site of a business.


It is a common misconception that SEO is primarily paid advertising. Although that is a portion of it, SEO goes much more in-depth into the process of maximizing the number of visitors.

Critical SEO Stats and Trends (2015)


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