Special Topic of Choice

The Engagement Crisis in Content Marketing and Social Media

Social media mediums are proliferating at a rapid pace in today’s culture that places a high level of importance on the social interaction that is encountered on such sites. As these sites have grown, companies from all areas of business have flocked to take advantage of social media platforms and market their products and services. However, recent studies have shown that the level of engagement from social users has dropped dramatically in recent years. On the contrary, this study also showed that companies are investing more time and money in these social media sites than ever before. This has raised concern among social media experts who say that it could be a result of the decreasing organic social reach coming from the users, and/or the overcrowded market.

I have noticed this decrease in engagement first hand, especially over the past 6 months or so. Websites like Facebook and Twitter have made functioning throughout the sites easier than ever, meaning less engagement is needed from the user. It seems to me that people who use these sites regularly are only partially aware of advertisements that fly by their faces when they are scrolling through their timeline or newsfeed. As the study has shown, this has resulted in a decrease in exposure for companies that are now paying more than ever to have their content displayed on these social media sites. As the writer of the article mentioned, the opportunity cost, or the risk over reward ratio, has steadily decreased as of late. It has made advertising on these social media sites more tricky to use efficiently. It is more important than ever now for companies to be up to date with trending apps and new platforms. With so many sites available for a company to market through, it has become more crucial than ever for each marketing department to make the absolute most out of each advertisement opportunity.



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